The Economics of the Environment

It is a compulsory subject taught to undergraduate economics students.

This course is intended for ecological-economic training of economists with a wide profile. The more urgent the use of the environment is in modern times, the more important it is to protect, restore, and ensure the sustainable development of society. The rapid development of science and technology requires people to change their attitude towards nature. One of the important problems facing economists and ecologists is to form a complex and harmonious system of using the environment and its components as a whole, to create a more effective and healthy environment by ensuring economic development.

The purpose of the "The Economics of the Environment" course is to form an ecological-economic outlook in students, to familiarize them with the methodological bases of using the environment and teaching methods.

The main goal of teaching the subject is to teach students ecological-economic laws, existing regulations, standards, sources of environmental impact, ecological-economic effectiveness of using natural resource potential, ecological-economic regulation of environmental use, economic damage caused by anthropogenic effects on the natural environment and its assessment. Also, providing economists of the future with comprehensive ecological knowledge by teaching the economic stimulation of use and protection is the significant part of the course.

Learning outcomes of the subject include: